Lizzie -

Emma Borden

11th Hour Theate Company

"rousing good fun, pumped out by ... an electrifying cast."

-Mark Cofta, Broad Street Review


See What I Wanna See - Kesa/Wife/Actress

11th Hour Theate Company



"All five actors have the incredible ability to oscillate between multiple distinctive worlds and somehow creating a clear ensemble dynamic throughout...

The entire cast sings the show with unparalleled talent...

Cara Noel Antosca cannot only sing to perfection, but embod(ies) the variation of archetypal female roles in fully fleshed, grounded places not frequently found in period pieces."


-Rachel Beecher, DC Metro Theatre Arts


"The five members of the ensemble  — display familiar 11th Hour virtues: exuberance, energy, high-wattage vocalism


- David Fox,


"Cara Noel Antosca makes a vivid impression as a temptress and a drugged-out actress."


- Steve Cohen, Broad Street Review



Footloose - Ariel Moore

The Eagle Theatre



"Cara Noel Antosca is a vivacious and charasmatic actress with a long career ahead of her. Her energy in the rehearsal room is as infectious as her performance onstage. We are proud to present Cara Noel Antosca. " 


-Ted Wioncek 111 {Co-Artistic Director, Eagle Theatre},


"This cast is seriously talented and serious about what they are doing on stage, but never for a moment do you ever suspect they aren't having the time of their lives infusing the whole production with a sense of urgency, and sheer joy... particularly the spunky Cara Noel Antosca as Ariel"


- Pati Buehler,


"Cara Noel Antosca’s “Ariel” was not only adorable, but she gave her part extra mention as she acted with her whole body–especially on the three-dimensional set."


- Jack Shaw, Stage Magazine 


The Last Five Years - Cathy Hiatt

11th Hour Theatre Company



"Cara Noel Antosca belted and crumbled in all of the right places, giving Cathy the right mixture of anger and vulnerability with which the chronically failing character is written."


-Andrew Clark, EDGE Philadelphia


"O'Brien and Antosca deliver careful characterizations ... offer[ing] superb renditions of Brown's varied, engagingly modulated score, which flows like a receding and swelling current of emotional depth."


-Jim Rutter, Philadelphia Inquirer


"Both performers are endearing ... and they each put themselves across very well, expressing the exuberance of new love and the confusion and heartbreak of a split. And they can both belt Brown’s music with a lot of power."


-Jim Dunleavey, Talkin' Broadway

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